Competitive Program:

We believe that a club should cater to the needs and demands of every single player. A player should not be penalized because his/her needs or wants differ from those of another. Instead, it is the club’s responsibility to offer custom services to a player who has custom needs.

We believe that each player deserves the opportunity to excel both as an athlete and as a member of society. With that in mind, we train our players in an environment which fosters excellence, on and off the field. Players are always held to the highest standard of discipline and commitment, as outlined in our Code of Conduct.

We believe that it is the club’s responsibility to guide the players through each step of the development process. Once a player shows a potential to get to the next level, wherever that next level may be, we do everything possible to help the player get there. Our staff has already helped dozens of players get scholarships at some of the best NCAA institutions. We would like for our players to strive towards the student-athlete path, and we will open as many doors as possible for them.


Recreational Program:

As a community club, we take pride in offering an affordable and easily accessible program for each and every child in the Vimont and Auteuil areas.

We want to offer the invaluable experience of being a part of a team, in a supportive environnent to all players. Players will learn how to accept results, both good and bad, with proper sportsmanship and class.

We believe that all players should play relatively equal amounts of time during games. Players will feel valued and improve their self-confidence.

If at any moment, a player feels that he/she would like to tryout for a competitive team, they are welcomed to do so.