This program is in line with the standards and expectations of the Quebec Soccer Federation and the Canadian Soccer Association.

All young players between the ages of 4 and 6 participate in bi-weekly training and game sessions. This is a wonderful introductory platform which allows the children to develop basic motor skills, technical skills and to have a great time on the soccer field.

There are no standings or stats kept at this age, it is only parents and coaches that put emphasis on winning, at the detriment of developing quality players in the future.

During the winter season, players may participate in our weekend “École de Soccer”, which is ran in its entirety by our technical staff. The players will train for 30 minutes and play for 30 minutes, offering a balance between structure and free play, which is crucial at these ages.

At the U6 age, during the summer season, a technical staff member will be on site, scouting the games to identify players to invite to the U7 Introduction program. Even if a player is not scouted, he/she may still be invited when all of the U7 players are invited to evaluation day.

Schedule: Summer 2016 Schedule (click on the links below to download the schedule)

U-04-05 M

U-04-05 F

U-06 M

U-06 F