Beginning at U11, and through to U13, Division 1 (or AA) and Division 2 (or A) teams no longer train in a together. Teams train with their own teams and coaches, with the assistance of the technical staff.

The U11 and U12 teams, train a minimum of twice per week during the winter season. A technical staff member will be at at least one of the two sessions. Teams also participate in the ARS Laval or LLL winter leagues.

During the summer season, U11 and U12 players commit to training a minimum of two sessions per week. Our technical staff will be at at, on average, three sessions every two weeks. 

The U13 players commit to training three times per week, with a technical staff member present a minimum of twice per week.

Since the Junior category leads into the Prospect category, a gradual increase in technical service emphasis is placed on the D1 and AA teams as they move towards U14 AA. The mandate of the technical staff is to develop individuals that can move on to be a part of the Regional Selection Program, Quebec Teams, NTC and represent CS Monteuil at the AAA level.

Schedule: Summer 2016 Schedule Coming Soon