Throughout the Development Program, Division 1 and Division 2 teams train together in order to ensure the proper development of the entire age category. In these critical age groups, players can progress very rapidly. Several players will jump between D1 and D2 at each evaluation. We want to make sure that each player has access to the same training sessions, the same facilities, and the same coaches.

In a training environment, there are no team, but rather large training groups.

Our main objective at this age is to give each player the necessary technical tools to be able to move on to the Juniors category at U11. The players must train the right way, and play the right way. Winning without structure is not something to applaud. Coaches and parents must reinforce the same message, which is to encourage the players to keep the ball and not kick it aimlessly. There are no standings or stats kept at this age, it is only parents and coaches that put emphasis on winning, at the detriment of developing quality players in the future.

During the winter season, teams benefit from a minimum of two sessions per week, where a technical staff member will be at at least one of the two sessions. Teams also participate in the ARS Laval leagues.

During the summer season, players commit to training a minimum of two sessions per week. Our technical staff will be at at, on average, three sessions every two weeks.

Schedule: Summer 2016 Schedule Coming Soon