The Senior Competition programs offer players the opportunity to play competitive soccer from the U15 category all the way to senior.

Although the commitment is not as great as the elite programs, players are still expected to train and play at a high level.

Teams may or may not train regularly during the winter season, depending on the group. The teams that do train throughout the winter, will receive technical services from the club, based on the age and budget of the team. Teams usually participate in the ARS Laval or LLL winter leagues.

During the summer season, teams may train up to two times a week, or they may create their own training schedule with the help of the club. Each team will receive technical services from the club during the summer.

If the club believes that a AA team is strong enough to be promoted to AAA, they will be permitted to participate in the Promotion Cup and fight for a spot in the following year’s Ligue Élite.

Schedule: Summer 2016 Schedule Coming Soon